Utility sector in India is undergoing digital transformation like other industries. Vara has developed solutions to enable digital transformation in the Utility sector. Vara’s innovative solution in the utility space makes a sharp departure from the traditional methods, enabling it to be smart and in-sync with the emerging trends.


Making your Utility Assets Smart


Enterprise Network Intelligence Platform

An electric distribution, transmission, or Gas and Oil utility uses a network of physical facilities to provide electric power and energy to Discoms or customers connected to those facilities throughout a geographical area. Each component of the distribution system, all the assets, has a physical location and associated data. So does each customer. In order to plan, construct, maintain, operate and manage the utility network it is necessary to create, manage and utilize this geospatial data. A geographic information system (GIS) is an analytical and smart way to collect, organize, maintain and manage this geospatial data and display it on a geographic map.

A complete, detailed utility map or atlas creates the connectivity model and is a fundamental tool for planning and operating the network. The ability to easily create and maintain the utility asset map is the key for further monitoring, management, and real-time analytics.

Vara has created utility atlas for its clients. We can create for you utility maps for Electric, Pipeline, Water, Wastewater, Gas, and Telecommunication.

Real-time Asset Intelligence (Smart Grids)

Vara helps the utility clients realize more value from their transmission and distribution operations by adopting smart technologies and sensor network. The crux of the smart grid is the ability to communicate the state of the system from the sensor network. This would be an integrated dual network system. One network will represent the power system, and the other will represent an advanced communication network.

A smart grid will need real-time analytic engines for analyzing the network, identifying the current state and condition of the system, predicting the future. A critical facet of the smart grid is an enterprise geographic information system (GIS) that provides the tools, applications, workflows, and integration ability to support the smart grid.

GIS will help manage data about the condition of utility assets. After parts of the system go into service, utilities must manage the system through the collection and maintenance of asset condition data. Some condition data can come from automated systems, and other data can come from inspection systems. Utilities are rapidly adopting GIS-based mobile devices for inspection and maintenance.

Enterprise GIS, with its desktop, server, and mobile components, allows utilities to gather condition data.

Vara Smart Grid helps you in

Intelligent Outage Management System

A GIS based pipeline asset management system with imagery, topographical map sheets as backdrop and a Hand Held GPS based Pipe Line Maintenance solution. The system allows the Pipe Line Managers to monitor their assets on a web based GIS map, direct the field staff with hand held GPS systems to the desired location and monitor them in real time.

The field staff in turn can report incidents in real time with geo tagged photographs and uploading into the system. It helps the user to manage their assets very effectively and save a lot of logistical costs by enabling the user to take optimum and cost effective decisions.

Monitoring Patrolling path of the security officer is important for the oil and gas networks. The user viewing the web application can see the path traversed by the security personnel on patrol. They can figure out deviations from the pipeline path from the map overlays. They can monitor “All Okay” reporting for predefined locations like valves, TLBs, repeater stations, pump stations or other important assets. They can monitor incidents reported back from the patrols and can track all the resources on a single platform, as they get data from fields in real time. Any incident of concern can be reported immediately from the field of occurrence with geo-tagged images of the incident by the patrols carrying the handhelds.

Enterprise Asset Management Platform

Assets are the core driving force of the power and utilities industry. Electric transmission and distribution networks, oil and gas pipelines, electricity cables, substations—the list is endless.

Utilities, be it electric, natural gas, oil, water and wastewater;everyone is looking for ways to best utilize their assets and maximize their return on investment. The network infrastructure is aging, maintenance costs are going up. With smart grid in place, the operations are more complex than ever before. The utilities want to improve efficiency and simplify maintenance. They need to know whether to repair, rehabilitate or replace.

With our deep domain expertise in utilities and utility asset management technology Vara implements cost-effective, practical utility asset management solutions. We provide services at each stage of the asset life cycle.

Vara helps the utility companies to optimize capital, manage operating costs, manage risks, and thus enhance customer service. Vara will enable you to implement strategic, integrated asset management.