Vara's proven expertise in technology combined with deep industry experience addresses the evolving business needs thereby accelerating business growth. Vara is heavily investing in the emerging technologies by building up CoEs to scale up its capabilites. Our team of experts are dedicatedly engaged in research and development to innovate solutions for the BFSI industry. We have developed niche solutions in areas such as eKYC, trade finance, claims settlement in blockchain platform and products in cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and robotics.


Blockchain Products Offering


A lot of the traditional banks are dealing with identities in silos with a repetitive on-boarding and validation of KYCs. This typically leads to -

    • Loss of privacy and identity theft
    • Costly and time-consuming process

Blockchain can become the authentication service accessed by several participating organizations increasing cost and time efficiency

Blockchain does not compromise on the goals of privacy yet maintaining security and integrity guarantees.

Trade Finance

Vara is using Proof of Membership (PoM) instead of Proof of Work (PoW) as:

    • Traditional Proof of Work based systems are slow and provide probabilistic consistency guarantee
    • Confirmation for a transaction takes more time, around 10-60 minutes, making the transaction process delayed
    • Proof of Membership better models organisation process
    • In a population of n = 3f+1 we will tolerate f malicious or faulty nodes
    • Proof of Membership is faster and provides strong consistency guarantee. One does not need to wait till 6-7 blocks are mined which takes almost 60-70 minutes
    • We learn from the past results in the domain of byzantine fault tolerant systems and combine that with programmable replicated state machines to better model organization processes as evolved in the real world

PoM is suitable for closed organizations like Banks etc.


Health Insurance is a contract between a service provider and a subscriber of payment of medical bills in a fair and timely manner. The industry is heavily regulated for good or bad. However, it is fraught with risks as well. We are aware of customer dissatisfaction leading to friction, change of service providers (both care givers and insurance providers), litigation and consequently loss of market share. One predominant reason for such avoidable situation is disparate nature of systems and processes that form the backbone of each individual organization.

Our short term focus is getting rid of inefficiencies. The long term focus might as well be radical change.

Land Records Management

    • Creating persistent records and complete transparency in land records yet keeping it entirely encrypted and secured

Our solution covers

    • Distributed nodes maintains a shared source of information
    • Realtime transparency across the network ensures trust
    • Ensures data security

Supply Chain

The supply chain markets today are a demanding business. Vara has developed a solution on Blockchain which addresses

    • Authenticity of transactions
    • Condition of the goods
    • Faster and leaner logistics operations
    • Improves transparency and and traceability in the supply chain
    • Automates commercial processes with smart contracts

Internet of Things - Products Offering


Smart Farming

The Indian farmers today are more often than not at a loss, because of lack of timely and precise information. Vara solution on Agriculture ensures that the end farmer gets -

    • Advanced Analytics produce insights such as serious pest outbreak, individual plant health etc.
    • Identification of anomalies, gain insight into crop health, take appropriate action leading to improved yield
    • Sensor based
    • Crop health Management
    • Irrigation Management
    • Yield Management

Intelligent Transport Management

Integrated Intelligent Transport System has the following components:

    • Integrated Electronic Ticketing and Online Reservations
    • Online Electronic Ticket Issuing Machine
    • Online Reservation System (ORS) at booking windows and through Internet
    • ORS through secure payment gateway & mobile application

Management Information System

    • The MIS solution provides real time data needed to manage the transport operations efficiently and effectively

Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS)

    • VTS is a real-time, GPS-based tracking system that shows vehicle movement on an electronic map with vehicle information and related data

Passenger Announcement Systems (PAS)

    • Vehicle's location (GPS readings) information is passed to the depot level. This information can be used to update the passengers in real-time

Passenger Information System (PIS)

    • Passengers can get information about bus stoppages, route details through display boards and speaker systems, installed within the vehicle

Benefits of Integrated Electronic Ticketing and Online Reservation

    • Centralized administration and revenue assurance
    • Secure payment reconciliation and settlement
    • Effective cash management and customer convenience
    • Low total cost of ownership

Solid Waste Management

We are in awe of how the garbage bins at our neighborhood are managed. There is garbage overflowing and no one to collect the garbage for days. Vara has customised a solution which works in co-ordination with the authorities to keep your locality clean. Our solution ensure timely-

    • Door to door collection monitoring using RFID
    • Real time bin monitoring using bin level sensors
    • Vehicle tracking & monitoring GPS
    • Biometric attendance of field staff
    • Reduce the operational cost
    • Addresses environmental problems associated with inefficient waste collection

Forest Management

The solution is build on SxForestry which is hosted Model on Cloud with android app. The solution components are on Android app and WebGeoserver for cloud

As part of the solution, the modules that are covered include - Forest Patrol, Wildlife Vulnerability, Wildlife Death and Injury, Wildlife Depredation, Forest Fire, Encroachment, Illicit Felling, Forest Offence Monitoring, Forest Rights Survey

Asset Tracker

Every asset that is owned has to be tracked and audited at frequent intervals. We have an in-house solution which tracks -

    • Asset Location & Movements
    • Alerts for unscheduled movements
    • Real time data transfer
    • Asset register movement as a service
    • Alerts on tampering

GIS Mapping

    • A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data
    • GIS map creation by using existing data points
    • Mapping of required assets
    • Integration with SCADA/DMS system
    • Realtime trending & analysis

Cyber Sleuths

    • CyberSec Training (Audit, Security operations, CERT)
    • Managed Security Services
    • Forensics - Recovering digital evidence
    • Threat & vulnerability assessment
    • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
    • Staff training academy setup
    • Risk & regulatory requirements