Internet of Things

Vara offers a plethora of services and solutions in the IOT space. Vara’s dedicated IoT CoE is heavily focusing on research and development to come up with innovative IoT solutions. We harness the power of data to redefine customer offerings and transform the speed, efficiency and flexibility of their operation to ensure that they are ahead of their competitors.


Our IoT offerings cater to various sectors and industries across India, primarily


Vara Offers

IoT Consulting: Our IoT framework covers all areas from concept design to IoT development and execution.

IoT Implementation: Our IoT implementation services include integration and implementation of system and product integration. We have teams which are adept in both hardware integration as well as software alignment.

Smart City Solutions and Services


Intelligent Transport

End-to-end transportation solution for vehicle tracking, passenger information display, optimal routing, drivers' behavior analysis, vehicle health monitoring, automated fare collection and on-board security system providing real-time information to the command control center.

Smart Parking

Monitors the duration of stay of every vehicle, alerting an attendant to any that have stayed beyond the maximum time allowed. Records how the car park is used and presents this information through live space-by-space occupancy status information and average stay time reporting.

Smart Waste Management

To effectively and efficiently monitor collection and transportation of city waste for further processing at transfer sites along with staff monitoring and complete automated weighbridge system; combined with a billing management system for accurate payment.

Smart Signage

Supply, installation and commissioning of high mast mounted LED VMS Display units on road side and over roads, establishment of Command Control Centre with necessary desktops, connectivity and networking, establishment of data centre at designated area


Smart Water Management

Monitoring of water distribution and control through IoT ecosystems.

Other IoT Solutions


IoT for Agriculture

Capability to measure weather-conditions, sowing and reaping time, quantum of fertilizers, water and pesticides required for the crop by tracking data collected by sensors.

IoT in Utility

Bringing in efficiency in enterprise asset management, real-time asset intelligence (smart grids), transformer monitoring, automatic meter reading and intelligent outage management system.

Forestry Management

Offers latest data, technology and tools that empower people everywhere to better protect forests. Uses GNSS as the main data validation technology, Apps and GeoClouds.

Enabling hardware

The key to successful IoT begins with the ability to generate sufficient data and then transmit that data to a processing hub, which is either local or remotely accessed over the cloud. Our hardware offering includes:

GIS Data Collector: Asset mapping and management, asset tracking, IoT sensor based integration, Cloud based Analytics and Integration with Business Processes.

GPS Personal Tracker: The GPS tracking device market is expected to reach USD 2.89 Billion by 2023, The growth of this market is propelled by various factors such as increasing commercial vehicle sales; and various government mandates such as electronic logging device (ELD) & affordable price.

GNSS receiver with BT interface: GNSS Devices plays the key role in Managing, Monitoring and Planning the network through accurate location access and spatial database access for all field crew.

Personal Tracker: Enables tracking and locating the Police personnel, helping in monitoring and controlling occurrence of crime incidences.

GNSS Rugged Smartphones/Hand held Computer for data collection and field survey.

Precision GNSS Devices (for real time Geo data acquisition): IOT based Smart Grid implementation helps the central operations team to completely sync in with the field team through a common geospatial database, cutting down response time on events or emergencies. Huge cost savings in maintenance and management of huge asset base with facility to visualize the entire network on a queriable database, and understand interferences resulting from other features as, roads, buildings, telecom, water and others.

Bundled Embedded & GIS technologies: First to launch GPS based rugged handheld specifically for the Indian subcontinent. Primarily used to collect data from the field with GPS based monitoring and reporting.