Cyber Sleuths

In a pervasively digital world, the risks of cyber attacks have grown manifold. Until recently, only financial companies and government were vulnerable to cybercrimes. However, the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware attacks of 2017 affected companies across industries. All these instances lead to the reality that companies will need to do much more to protect their business from such increasing cyber threats.

In order to address the business threats of the customers, Vara has set up Cyber Sleuths, a firm offering consultancy and implementation services in digital defense and cyber security space. Our highly trained team of Cyber Security experts deliver secured, trusted and integrated protection services. Cyber Sleuths has the proven experience, integrity, intelligence and capabilitiesy to safeguard large organizations with critical infrastructure.

At Cyber Sleuth our sole focus is to make your business secured and digitally resilient.

Cyber Sleuths 360 degree


Our Approach


To achieve real improvements to your organisation’s cyber security, you need a Comprehensive understanding of the latest threats targeting your business. At Cyber Sleuths we understand the tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers to bypass defences.

Our Core set of Principles

Thinking Like A Hacker

By fostering a collaborative approach between our ethical hackers, security analysts and researchers, we possess a deep understanding of ‘offensive security’ and utilise this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of our security services.

Offering Clear Advice

By working closely with our customers, we take away the hassle and confusion of managing security in-house and provide the assurance your organisation needs to focus on its core business activity.


Exceeding Expectations

We take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to ensure that our clients receive the best possible threat information, analysis and advice. With our deep industry experience we enable our customers to take preemptive measures.

Our Offerings

Managed Security Services

Providing 24x7 managed security services to your expanding network.

Cyber Sleuth’s Managed Security Services provide solutions that include round-the-clock, on-premise and remote monitoring, remediation and resolution services that draw on the full scope of Cyber Sleuths capabilities and resources.

We also provide advisory and design consulting to organizations developing their own SOC operations. In addition to the core SOC solutions, we offer a range of more specialized managed services, including:

Advisory Services

Our Cyber Security Advisory, Assessment, and Architecture Review services help to address the toughest security challenges.

From the CEO and Board to the CISO and CIO, we speak your language. We help governments, enterprises and critical infrastructure operators navigate the intersection of cyber security and business processes. Our 360-view across the cyber security environment means we advise on everything from strategy and planning to compliance, architecture design, procurement and implementation.

Cyber Sleuths is a trusted advisor to enterprises and government entities. We offer advisory services across a wide range of topics related to cyber security, including risk management, IT infrastructure and cyber defence in-depth. Our advisory services include:

Governance Risk and Compliance

Manage Risk More Efficiently

Our experts help you ensure compliance with regulations and global standards, identify and address cyber risks, and implement cyber resilience platforms for smart cities and other smart organisations.

Our experts have to helped write national and international regulations and standards, uniquely positioning us to help customers address all aspects governance, risk and compliance.

We provide GRC Platform implementation, compliance and risk management services, and consulting on the development and modification of cyber and electronic threat regulations and standards.

Other Services

Cyber Network Defence

Protecting ourselves before it’s too late

Sophisticated cyber threats and stealthy assaults perpetrated by attackers today exploit the immaturity of the fractured nature of security solutions used by many organisations. Cyber Sleuths’s Cyber Network Defence division provides sophisticated active defence solutions, including assessments, penetration testing, threat hunting, and incident.

Cyber Forensics

Bringing value to our clients across numerous technical areas

We are specialized in Digital Forensics and Information Security Services. We help Enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve, and protect their critical data from threats, crimes, frauds, and acts of terrorism arising due to vast proliferation and usage of Digital, Communication applications and artefacts in their personal and professional lives. We also provide assistance for legal enforcement to customers. Our Forensic services include:

Social Engineering Services

Employees Still Represent a Possible Weak Link in Security for Many Organisations

Often Security is breached despite the fact that the latest perimeter defenses are in place. Why? An employee may simply plug an infected USB stick into the corporate network, click on a malicious PDF or simply visit a malware website as he/she thought the email instruction to click on that link came from her manager. Could your staff be tricked that way? Our Social Engineering services can find out.

Computer Emergency Response System

Boost your incident management to combat cyber criminals.

Limit the impact of security breaches and identify cyber threats: our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) helps companies identify and respond to cyber risks.

It collaborates with Security Operations Center teams to establish detection rules and coordinate responses.

Crowd Sourced Crime Reporting

A crowd sourced mobile platform for crime and safety perception management.

The way the app works is that users can report crimes in progress and anything else they spot that concerns them, and those locations and incidents are then automatically shown to other users in the area.

Cyber Security Training

Secure Matrix aims at bridging the gap between demand and manpower supply in niche Technology & Cyber Security Engineering skills. In order to create industry ready technical talent pool for meeting ever increasing demand, we provide a pool of highly trained and qualified cyber security trainers and support the client in creating a pool of in house cyber security experts.

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