Technology is helping us do what successive governments have failed to all these years - turning around infrastructure deficit with smart and sustainable roads and highways. All of Vara’s products, solutions and strategies are fuelled with technology and foresight, so as to address the challenges in the road and highway construction industry intelligently.

Some of our groundbreaking work includes the development and installation of smart highway systems along with electronic tolling mechanisms, helping us reduce road-travel time by 10 – 15%. We’ve also built Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and other tracking technologies to enhance the efficiency of ports and warehouses.

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Our offerings
Toll Management System
Electronic Toll Collection
Highway Traffic Management
Border Checkpost
Toll Management System
We’ve built a smart and robust toll management software that’s currently being used in over 200 highways across India.
Manual, Automatic toll management system
Data Security at its best
AVCS with over 99% efficiency
Support during installation
Excellent Cashup, Audit Features
A collection of hardware options
Electronic Toll Collection

We ensure your safety and security on roads by offering solutions that cater to both, high-end as well as basic HTMS.

Some of its highlights:

ISO 18000 6C RFID Tags
Wireless Handheld Readers
Fixed Readers – Integrated Antennas
LMR and Data Cables
Stop and Go Variant
Power Supply & Cables
High Power High-Speed Variant
Fixed Readers with Independent Antennas
In-house design of NEMA Enclosures adaptable to various IP ratings
Highway Traffic Management

We offer the most innovative and dependable Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) solutions by means of both, dedicated ETC and mixed mode ETC mediums. We’re eliminating manual intervention in toll plaza operations by automating the most tedious and complex tasks.

We operate through:

Variable Message Signboards
Emergency Call Boxes – SIM and OFC based
CCTV Cameras and Surveillance
Weather Management and Control
Optical Fibre Cable and Wireless Communication
Mobility Control Solutions
HTMS Control Centre
Border Checkpost

We’ve designed compact and skillfully integrated system components that enable seamless operational processes at the Border Check Post arrangements

Some of its components:

Software Systems for Border Check Posts
Weigh in Motion and Static Weigh Bridge
Network and Communication
Automatic Vehicle Classification
Data Centre – Local or Cloud-based
Lane Equipment – barriers, signals, OHLS
RFID based Access Control
Booth and Server Room Systems

Our intelligent surveillance solutions monitor and help identify potential threats throughout facilities.

Our cameras are well-equipped with features like:

Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions
Mounting arm and camera lowering system
Weatherproof outdoor enclosure which is IP compliant (at various levels)

Vara’s Surveillance solutions are ideal for:

Highway surveillance
City surveillance
Effective safety & security services to road users
Safety for large complexes
Toll plaza
Enhancing the traffic management
Providing security to all personnel
Monitoring all activities in and around the plaza
The Control Centre receives the video feed with zero video loss from all cameras
Supports all types of backbone communications like OFC, GSM etc.