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Facilitating hardware

The key to successful IoT solutions begin with the ability to generate ample data, transmit it to a processing hub (local or cloud based), and then infuse intelligence to analyze that data. Our comprehensive hardware offerings include:

GIS Data Collector:

This enables asset mapping and management, asset tracking, IoT sensor based integration, cloud based analytics and integration with business processes.

GPS Personal Tracker:

The GPS tracking device market is expected to reach USD 2.89 Billion by 2023. The growth of this market is propelled by various factors such as increasing commercial vehicle sales; government mandates such as electronic logging device (ELD) & affordable pricing.

GNSS receiver with BT interface:

GNSS Devices play a key role in managing, monitoring and planning networks through accurate location access and spatial database access for entire field crews.

Personal Tracker:

This device enables tracking and locating Police personnel and helps in monitoring and controlling the occurrence of criminal incidences.

GNSS Rugged Smartphones/Hand held Computer:

This is an absolute boon for data collection and field surveys.

Precision GNSS Devices (for real time Geo data acquisition):

OT based Smart Grid implementation helps the Central Operations Team to sync with the field team through a common geospatial database, cutting down response time on events and emergencies. It also facilitates huge cost savings in maintenance and management of asset bases, with a facility to visualize the entire network on a queriable database, and understand interferences resulting from other features such as, roads, buildings, telecom, water, etc.

Bundled Embedded & GIS technologies:

We’re the first to launch a GPS based rugged handheld specifically for the Indian subcontinent. This is primarily used to collect data from the field with GPS based monitoring and reporting.