Why do you need Blockchain?

A typical transaction brings together several otherwise distinct entities, which collaborate to achieve a meaningful transaction; collectively termed as a ‘system’. The goal is to prevent selfish actors. Blockchain balances the power equation between all the entities involved in a transaction thus pre-empting any malice and/or incompetence.

Pre Blockchain – Inter & Intra Organisational Challenges

Pre Blockchain
Key Implications
Intra Organisational
Inefficiencies in internal information governance
Inter Organisational
Wider - availability of correct information security
Key Challenges
Security of Information
Trust of all Parties

Post Blockchain – Intra & Inter Organisational Advantages

Pre Blockchain
Intra Organisational Benefits
Prevent tampering of Data at rest
Internal checks and balances of data in motion
Existing laws and best practices - Internal Audit
Eliminate single point of failure
Whistle blower protection and accountability
Inter Organisational Benefits
Eliminate single point of failure
Replication of a single version of truth
Eliminates information asymmetry
Cross organisational validation through consensus
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