Quick Deployment, Query Speed & Ease of Use
These form the foundation of any data analytics platform that helps an organization realize their incremental ROI well on time and gives them actionable insights on the go, reducing their dependency on the IT team massively.
One Stop Shop - 360 Degree Analytics
Integrate internal and external data
Store in a big data repository (searchable structured and unstructured data)
Dashboards, Charts, Graphs, Reports (Pre-built assets)
Statistics, machine learning (Pre-built models)
Why Vara?

Our deep industry experience enables us to offer solutions that seamlessly adopt to the "as-is" maturity of your business, and evolves as your organization scales up the analytics maturity curve.

This futuristic platform empowers you with discovery and relational search, advanced analytics & machine learning capabilities and insightful visualizations. With ingest, store, analysis and visualization catered to by a single investment; it creates a practical and business focused enterprise analytics foundation. It integrates data from disparate internal and external sources, in real time and batch, coupled with predefined industry specific analytics, statistical & machine learning algorithms.

We’ve built a flexible platform capable of customizing solutions for ongoing business cases. It offers a foundation of the best price/performance ratio for Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive analysis of your entire data ecosystem.

We consistently and continuously focus on innovation and evolution to ensure that our platform is always equipped and ahead of time to help transform businesses.

About Our Platform
Analytic Architecture
Input connectors available to ingest data from common enterprise applications (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.), databases (Oracle, DB2, etc.), big data stores (HDFS, NoSQLs), real-time message queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ), etc.